December 11, 2011

Hogue EX 01 : Design by Allen Elishewitz

I have had this Hogue EX01 for some time now. At first I had no intentions on putting a pictorial up on my Blog. Mainly since I purchased it for everyday usesage. To be honest, the button-lock and 'bling' details made me dought for some time about buying it. Now that it's been growing on me, I have to say I am impressed with the rigidity, lock-up system, smoothness without washers and the overall high quality. Knowing that this is a knife in the $150 > $200 range, it's a great deal.

• Designer: Allen Elishewitz
• Maker: Hogue Inc.
• Blade shape: Drop point or tanto
• Blade length: 4"
• Blade thickness: .15”
• Blade steel: 154CM double tempered
• Cryogenically treated to 58-60Rc
• Blade finish: Stone wash tumbled
• Cutting edge: High polished
• Fasteners: Stainless steel (Hardened pivot pin, stop pin)
• Locking mechanism: Hardened button lock with manual safety
• Handle length: 5"
• Handle material: G-Mascus
• Textures: Piranha style
• Weight: 4.4 oz. (124 gr.)

This paragraph comes from the Allen Elishewitz website:

"At first glance, the EX01 looks like a piece of jewelry, but do not let its attractive appearance fool you. Inside this knife beats the heart of a beast! The oversized heat treated pivot & stop pin and button lock as well as oversized washers and integrated spacers are designed to insure the knife’s long term durability. Add to this, a manual safety ensures that the lock cannot disengage, giving fixed blade like reliability, and you have an over-engineered tool whose sole purpose is performance."

Macro shots on the nice detailed finishing touch.

Macro shots on the button lock system when opened.

Macro shots on the button lock system when closed.