May 7, 2010

Short introduction

Dear fellow knife nut,

Welcome on my knives and photography weblog. Let me first start by introducing myself.

I've had a fascination for knives since I was about 8 years old like lots of others. It all started back in 1975 when I was given my first black SAK by my parents as a present. Over the past few decades I've bought, worn out, lost, sold and bought many knives. Twice I've tried to build myself a modest production knife collection, but also gave up twice. Only a few knives remain from these past attempts. Those are special for their memories and their quality. 

I've had a special love for the old "Made in Solingen" Puma knives as well as for the earlier original Al Mar models and others. Since early 2009 I've started to once more collect certain types of production knives, this time to never give it up again. I prefer mainly the larger "tactical knives" and only try to single out the high quality examples as far as my funds allow me.

Why SERE ?

I choose the name SERE or SERE1967 back in 2009 when I became a member on a Knife Forum for the first time. I had only only few knives left from the eighties and nineties and my favorite was the Al Mar #3002 SERE Attack. I first layed eyes on this particular knife back in 1985 when I was given my first Knives Ann. Edition. The name SERE wasn't in use at this first Forum, so that is when and why I picked this one. Later on when I applied for other memberships the name SERE  was already taken, so I added my year of birth.


Another aspect of knives to me are Knife related Forums. I know most of them and have visited them frequently in the past. Now a days only two of them are left and truly mean something to me. The one for me on my side of the pond is Europeanblades, and the second is the Usual Suspect Network in the US.
On both Forums I have met some of the finest people and I am fortunate to even consider some of them my personal friends.

Besides my real knives I also like to shoot knife pics for use on a few knife forums as well as building my own digital photography collection and show some of them on this Weblog. Enjoy reading & watching my photos and feel free to post a comment, question or suggestions.


My photo shoots are not ment as knife reviews in any way. Why not? I do not qualify myself as being an expert on this matter. My only purpose on showing the knives here on my blog is to share my enthousiasme as a knife collector.


Photography, Logo Design, Running, Day Hiking, Nature in common.


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